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Acupuncture and Neck Pain in Fort Lauderdale

Life Can Be a “Pain in the Neck”!
Fix It Today with the Only Treatment Available Without Side Effects!

• Do you suffer from constant neck pain that debilitates you and makes your life miserable?
• Have you noticed that what started out as neck pain affects many more parts of your body and are desperate for help?
• Are you tired of pain being a normal part of your life when there is a treatment available?

Whenever it comes to acupuncture, people immediately paint it as a masochistic past time, as if it is not a legitimate practice and takes place in a dark basement somewhere. Apparently as soon as the idea of multiple needles comes into play, it is no longer seen as a medical procedure, but a weird alternative. If ‘weird alternative’ means that it actually works without giving you horrible side effects, then yes, we at Acupuncture Fort Lauderdale are a ‘weird alternative’ and proud of it!

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But, as long as we are seen as a ‘weird alternative’ many people will not consider what we do, even though we have the key that other doctors don’t possess. They prescribe you a long list of drugs; and when side effects happen, they prescribe something to counteract the effect…
Call us crazy, but do you ever get the feeling that they are treating you like a lab rat? At times it seems like their treatments are shots in the dark and the side effects are something they decide is worth the risk. Except, the risk all falls on you. Neck pain is often caused by some factors, including wear-and-tear, strains or sprains, or inflammation. Bad posture, Injuries, trauma and motor vehicle accidents, Medical conditions, stress etc are a major source of NECK PAIN! We take a holistic approach to help you get rid of your never ending neck pain.

We don’t share in such a loose and dangerous way of practicing. In fact, we operate in the lost art of precision. The guessing game apparently belongs to option 1. We offer clear treatment options and guarantee you won’t show up with a medical condition sometime in the future as a side effect from one of our treatments.

The fact remains that we offer something completely different. And there comes a time in the process of pain and failed attempts where you need something completely different. If you’re at a point where every other treatment has failed you and are willing to take a chance on the ‘weird alternative’ we would love to truly help you. There is nothing that makes us happier than to be able to bring relief to someone in pain.
Schedule an online appointment today or call us at 954-390-0411 and get ready to live life pain free!

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